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Our track is a professionally made three lane pinewood derby track. 

It's 30 feet long with a vertical drop of just under four feet.

The track has a digital timer which accurately times racers to over 1/1000th of a second.

No more arguments about which car is the fastest!  The timer removes all room for doubt.

If we are asked to supply our track for your event, we'll ask you to give us access to the facility one hour before the event.  That will give us plenty of time to set up the track along with a low, unobtrusive crowd control barrier.  Setup usually takes about 30 minutes but it helps to have the extra time just in case.

Facilities need to be indoors, have at least one electrical outlet (two or more is better) and a clear space large enough for a 30' track and your spectators. 

starting gate and finish line