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Richard Borg

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BattleLore! Call to Arms

$20.00 $14.95  
in stock  

The Definitive Army Deployment System for BattleLore Call to Arms" offers a new method to deploy custom troops and armies onto the fields of battle. Rather than relying on the point-based army buying approach that is common to many miniature games, BattleLore's army selection system uses a novel,... <more>
BattleLore! Epic Expansion

$15.00 $10.95  
in stock  

Epic BattleLore offers groups of veteran players the opportunity to conduct battles on a grand scale by combining multiple board maps into a single, over-sized battlefield.
This expansion includes an additional BattleLore board map, a punchboard with new Alliance tokens and player turn... <more>
Dragon Hordes

$13.00 $8.45  
in stock  

Dragons! Fire breathing, empire-crushing dragons are the scourge of dwarf, elf, and man alike. As empires battle for supremacy and ancient enemies act out centuries old blood feuds, the dreaded dragons descend. With Dragon Hordes, the first expansion set for Warriors, you can change the balance... <more>

$20.00 $13.95  
in stock  

It's Monsters, Myth, and Mayhem.
For centuries, the kingdoms of earth have been at peace, dominated by the rule of men. But now, powerful Wizards, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls, and Goblins are ready to challenge man's reign. Even the Undead are rising up. Chaos is about to erupt as creatures... <more>
records 1 to 4 out of 4