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Mayfair Games

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$10.00 $8.00  
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The land of Oriente is always busy: during each season, the nation faces intrigues, battles, and revolutions! The land is ruled by the Shogun or, if he is not present, by the priest… until a wizard decides it's time to take over his role! A game of diplomacy and struggle for lords of the land of... <more>
Ostia: The Harbor of Rome

$25.00 $20.00  
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First Century A.D.: Merchants broker the resources that the Senate relies upon to complete civic projects. Those that support the Senate over the next five years will gain special favor in the eyes of the senators.

Arriving ships deliver resources to the merchant players. After buying... <more>

$35.00 $28.00  
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Throughout the Middle Ages, wealthy and influential men and women across Italy wished to prove their importance. They desired a solid, visible symbol of their power and prosperity. So, they built magnificent tower-like buildings: the more influential the family, the taller the towers! But the... <more>
Russian Rails

$40.00 $32.00  
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Before the railroad, Russia depended on barges and waterways for transportation. It took months to travel from city to city. Goods shipped from Astrakhan could take as long as two years to reach St. Petersburg. But that changed in 1838, when the first railway opened between St. Petersburg and... <more>
Settlers of the Stone Age

$49.00 $39.20  
in stock  

According to the box text, the cradle of modern humans, called "Homo Sapiens” by scientists, was located in Africa more than 100,000 years ago. The first branches of this family began a journey that spanned thousands of years, eventually leading them to Australia and America. The enormous... <more>
Shear Panic!

$30.00 $24.00  
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A wild, woolly strategy game!
Ah, do ewe long for the life of a sheep? Bright summer days filled with games of tag and attempts to flock closer to Roger, the Heartthrob Ram? But, watch out! The shearer wants to drag you away from all the fun 'n games!
In Shear Panic, ewe maneuver your... <more>
The Dutch Golden Age

$45.00 $36.00  
in stock  

Around 1600, a Golden Age started in the Northern provinces of the Low Countries. In 1602, the United East-Indian Company (VOC) was founded, the first ever company with shares. A maritime trade and transport network to the Far East was established, with fortified trade posts along the way.
... <more>
The Market of Alturien

$50.00 $40.00  
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The medieval marketplace of Alturien is awash in intrigue and action. As many as 6 different merchant families compete in a merciless trade battle. All seek wealth, influence, and power.

In "Alturien," your merchants vie for the attention of 7 unique trade customers of varying wealth.... <more>
records 17 to 24 out of 27
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