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$44.95 $31.95  
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It is 590 BC! Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, marries the magnificent Amyitis, the daughter of the King of Media. But the beauty yearns for the lush vegetation of her homeland. Nebuchadnezzar decides to have splendid hanging gardens built for her. Now, the city is readying for the tremendous... <more>

$59.95 $41.95  
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2000 BC. A new empire is about to emerge in the north of Mesopotamia. Nomadic tribes gather under the leadership of Assur, a city-state deedicated to the cult of the powerful mountain god. But life in the desert is precarious, and before ruling the world, one must first learn to survive...
... <more>
Augsburg 1520

$34.95 $24.95  
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In the 16th century Jakob Fugger built an impressive trading empire centered in Augsburg. He earned so much money, that he was able to loan large amounts to royals in need of cash. As the royals were often unable to repay the loans, Jakob was more than willing to accept the special privileges they... <more>
Bean Trader

$37.95 $26.95  
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This board game is based on the classic card game: Bohnanza. It is a complete game, but naturally highly interactive like the card game.
The players take the role of bean traders and are all members of the famous Bohn Hanse, a trade union of cities and merchants in the middle ages.
You... <more>

$14.95 $10.95  
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Unrest in Beanland. Bean princes in all parts of the land are trying to conquer foreign villages and cities. They use the profits from their bean sales to finance their attacks. At the end of the game, bean thalers have no value. Instead, players only score the lands they control as victory... <more>
Bonnie and Clyde

$24.95 $17.95  
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Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were notorious outlaws who robbed banks throughout the central United States between 1931 and 1935. Their exploits and charisma made them famous, and their story has been made into books and movies. Ted Hinton was the FBI agent charged with capturing them. <more>
Cardcassonne: The Carcassonne Card Game

$29.95 $20.95  
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Do I add another 3 to the city? Then I can add my follower next turn and score lots of points. Of course, then another player may claim the row and score those points. So, what is the answer, add ot the row or maybe claim it now. Oh, what a dilemma.

In Cardcassonne the players place... <more>
Cartagena II - The Pirate's Nest

$27.95 $19.95  
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In the first Cartagena game, the players, as pirates, attempted to flee prison by making their way through a tunnel to a boat waiting for them at the end of the tunnel. But simply reaching the boat does not mean they have escaped as re-capture is always possible, perhaps, even likely. They will not... <more>
records 9 to 16 out of 70
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