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  by Frank DiLorenzoStacey Merrill
  from R&R Games

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Playing time: 90 minutes

Players: 3-6

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 1 lb

France, 17th Century. You are a Noble vying for control in the French court. Gather your forces and call in favors as you plot your rise to power. Will you support the King or incite Rebellion?

The key players include Generals, Musketeers, Lords, Clergy and even the Queen. Attract allies and eliminate enemies as you strive to increase your power and influence. Seek out Courtiers loyal to your cause. Protect Provinces or face Revolt! Use your Gold to bribe those whose help you'll need. Each turn you must reveal another of those who support you. Rebellion is in the air and when it strikes, the throne will be up for grabs. So go forth and grab the reins of Power, but BE CAREFUL...!!! Push too hard and you risk Excommunication, Imprisonment, or worse... the er's axe! The Fate of the Kingdom is in the Cards.

Note, the rules as printed in the box have a couple of minor errors and a few slightly confusing points. It isn't essential but I still recommend that you go to R&R's website and read their FAQ before you play. Once the confusion is sorted out, this is an extremely fun game.

This game is a GAMES 100 winner!

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