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Vinci (2nd edition)
  by Philippe Keyaerts
  from Eurogames / Descartes - USA, Inc.

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Playing time: 120 minutes

Players: 3-6

Ages 14 and up.

Approx. weight: 3 lbs

From prehistoric times through the middle ages, many civilizations followed one another. Through conquest, they built great empires and expanded their influence across vast areas. However, these empires would never last. As their influence and responsibility expanded, their inability to maintain control would weaken their empire. Their nation and culture would enter a period of decline. Other civilizations would move in and establish their own empires on the ruins of their predecessors. Thus humanity progressed.

Vinci invites you to become the leader of an incipient civilization. Using your civilization's different skills and attributes you attempt to build an empire. Your opponents represent the leaders of other civilizations, with skills very different from yours. You are all competing for the same resources and territory while building your empires. When you empire grows so large that your people are spread too thinly to expand the empire, you declare that empire to be entering into a period of decline. Then you choose a new civilization and begin the process all over again. You earn victory points for every province that your civilizations occupy. The player who earns a predetermined number of victory points wins the game.

With easy to learn rules and beautiful game components, Vinci is a very accessible game. Each game is different from the last because the Civilization Counters offered to the players allow each civilization's characteristics to vary drastically. In order to win tin the face of continually changing situations, it is necessary to be an astute strategist. Choosing the best civilization, exploiting its strengths and its weaknesses, declaring the decline of the empire at the most convenient moment are delicate decisions, and this is the challenge of Vinci. No matter what obstacles you encounter, you always remain in the race.

Winner of the prestigious SIM d'or at the 1999 International Concourse of Game Designers. This event is held annually in Billancourt France, and is the "Cannes Film Festival of Game Design" in France. Vinci's innovative game play and mechanics were recognized as the most original of the year.

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Box Contents:

150 pawns in 6 colors to represent the populations of the empires
6 large pawns in 6 colors to indicate the victory points of the players
33 brown pawns to represent the population of the declining empires and fortifications
45 small cardboard markers to mark the provinces of the declining empires
52 civilization counters to indicate the characteristics of the civilizations
1 game board representing Europe divided into provinces
1 cloth bag to store the pawns
1 summary of play sheet
6 civilization sheets
1 rule book

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