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Gouda! Gouda!
  by Frédéric Moyersoen
  from Eurogames / Descartes - USA, Inc.

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Playing time: 45 minutes

Players: 2-6

Ages 8 and up.

Approx. weight: 2 lbs

Gouda! Gouda! Is the rallying cry of all mice when they find a piece of cheese. You are the leader of a team of five mice, trying to be the first to get the cheese. Players roll special dice to determine the movements of their mice. Good results can be applied to your mice, and poor results can be inflicted on your adversaries. However, your opponents can treat your mice the same way, so your progress will not be simple. But your team has no fear, they know that you will carefully use your special abilities (drawn at the beginning of the game) to lead them to victory, and a belly full of cheese!

Box Contents:

1 game board
5 special dice
6 mouse scoring markers
6 sets of mice in 5 different colors
3 cheeses
30 action cards

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