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Primordial Soup
  by Doris MatthäusFrank Nestel
  from Z-Man Games

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• strategy games

Playing time: 90 minutes

Players: 3-4

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 3 lbs

Approximately 1 billion years ago, the Primordial Soup was home to a new life form - amoebas! These amoebas led boring lives of drifting, eating, and occasionally, dividing. But now you control a tribe of these organisms and by acquiring Genes, you can influence the development of your amoebas. Do you develop sophisticated movement to swim against the current? Maybe faster cell division or economical cell division? Or how about Aggression, to allow the eating of other amoebas?

20 different Genes allow for numerous combinations. The player with the most successful species reigns in the soup!

Box Contents:

1 rules booklet
30 gene cards
11 environment cards
220 wooden Foodstuff cubes
28 wooden Amoebas in 4 different shapes
9 large wooden Biological Points
28 small wooden Biological Points
4 wooden score markers
2 dice
1 game board
4 reference booklets

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