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Runebound: Second Edition
  by Darrell HardyMartin Wallace
  from Fantasy Flight Games

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 strategy games
 two player games

Playing time: 150 minutes

Players: 2-6

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 4 lbs

Your Quest for Adventure Begins!

The dark lords are gathering, ancient powers are awakening, and a chill has fallen across the land. Now is a time of danger and rising evil. Now is a time of fear for the innocent and the helpless.

Now is a time for heroes!

In RUNEBOUND, you and your friends play heroes in a fantasy world full of monsters, perils, and treasure. The realm is yours to explore as you wish: Visit the Mountains of Despair, brave the Whispering Forest, shop for magic items in the Markets of Riverwatch, or hire a dwarven guide in the city of Frostgate. Wherever you go, adventure awaits you - and because the game changes each time you play it, you'll never have the same adventure twice.

During a game of RUNEBOUND, the players roll unique movement dice to move their heroes around the board from one adventure to the next. At each adventure site, the players draw cards to discover what new wonders they find or foes they must battle. Players who defeat adventures are rewarded with gold, experience points, and mystical artifacts. Over the course of the game, the heroes grow in power as new dangers are revealed, changing not only the game world but the rules of the game itself! In the end, only the mightiest hero will be able to defeat the ultimate challenge and win!

This edition of RUNEBOUND features 12 beautifully sculpted and highly detailed plastic hero figures, new challenges, updated rules, and enhanced game play.

Box Contents:

12 Hero Cards
84 Adventure Cards
84 Market Cards
50 Gold Counters
12 Plastic Heroes
8 Doom Counters
60 Wound Counters
54 Exhaustion Counters
58 Adventure Counters
60 Experience Counters
6 Undefeated Challenge Counters
5 Movement Dice
2 Ten-Sided Dice
1 Game Board
1 Rulebook

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