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World of Warcraft: the Board Game
  by Christian T. Petersen
  from Fantasy Flight Games

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 strategy games
 two player games

Playing time: 180 minutes

Players: 2-6

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 10 lbs

Dire portents foretell of dark times ahead for the lands of Lordaeron. The fragile peace between the Horde and the Alliance has unraveled; the fields of Hillsbrad and the forest of Silverpine are ravaged by strife and war. In the corrupted Plaguelands, the Scourge moves again, threatening all that is living with a second devastating plague. A time of reckoning lies ahead, a fateful time of steel and magic.
It is a time of heroes.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT: THE BOARD GAME is an epic game experience based on the best-selling massively multi-player online role-playing game from Blizzard Entertainment.
Take control of a heroic character from either the Horde or the Alliance factions. Seek power and prestige by traveling across the lands to complete dangerous quests. Finally, win dominance for your faction by defeating the mighty Overlord, or wage a final decisive war against the enemy faction.

Box Contents:

Rules booklet
1 game board
120 plastic creature figures
16 plastic character figures
7 double-sided character sheets
2 single-sided character sheets
63 character counters (7 for each class)
15 cardboard "stunned" tokens
15 cardboard "curse " tokens
6 cardboard "bag" tokens
6 cardboard "spellbook" tokens
1 turn marker
216 Class cards (for 9 distinct classes)
120 Item cards
40 ALLIANCE Quest cards
40 HORDE Quest cards
47 Event cards
5 Kel'Thuzad Event cards
3 Overlord sheets
58 Energy tokens (in 1's and 3's)
58 Health tokens (in 1's and 3's)
138 gold tokens (in 1's and 3's)
40 Hit tokens
20 Armor tokens
21 eight-sided dice (7 each red, blue, and green)
2 Creature Reference Sheets
5 Lord Kazzak Overlord counters
1 Kel'Thuzad Overlord counter
1 Nefarian Overlord counter
5 Point of Interest tokens
6 ALLIANCE Quest tokens
6 HORDE Quest tokens
8 War tokens (2 each of four different colors)
12 Action tokens

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