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Lost Cities - The Card Game
  by Reiner Knizia
  from KosmosRio Grande Games

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Playing time: 30 minutes

Players: 2

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 1 lb

For the daring and adventerous, there are many lost cities to find. The search can take you to the Himalayas, the Brazilian rain forest, the ever-shifting sands of the desert, ancient volcanoes and to Neptune's Realm. Of course, you must choose which expeditions to begin and which to leave to others. You may have the opportunity to increase your investment in the search, increasing the rewards for success, but risking more should you fail. The player who finds the right balance will have successful expeditions and win the game.

Lost Cities is a card game in the Kosmos two player series. Players organize expeditions to explore the lost cities of the world in locations such as Brazil, the Himalayas and the deep sea.

A Games 100 winner.

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Box Contents:

1 board
60 over-sized cards
1 rule booklet

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back of box

mosaics for all five expeditions