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Dungeon Twister: Paladins & Dragons
  by Christophe Boelinger
  from Asmodée

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• boardgames
• strategy games
• two player games

Playing time: 45 minutes

Players: 2

Ages 11 and up.

Approx. weight: 2 lbs

In the dark passages of Dungeon Twister, no one will hear you scream…

The arch-mage, who has limitless resources and imagination, captured your group of adventurers. He relishes watching their frantic attempts to escape his labyrinth. Sickly Goblins and small game such as Thieves, Clerics, or Warriors cannot satisfy him any longer. In a grand display of his fantastic powers, he also traps dangerous creatures like Dragons, Ghosts, and Golems. And when a random Paladin or Weapon Master crosses his path, he impatiently anticipates toying with them.

Paladins & Dragons, the first expansion for Dungeon Twister, introduces eight new characters, six new objects, and eight new rooms.

Now it is your turn to command the extremely dangerous but equally clumsy Red Dragon, or the speedy Elf Scout, the fastest character in the game. You will have to cautiously handle the Teleportation Ring, drink at the Fountain of Youth to heal your injuries, or enter the sinister Pentacle room.

All these characters, objects, and rooms are compatible with the Basic Set of Dungeon Twister. By using the two sets, you can create and infinite number of new scenarios and customized teams to better surprise your opponents and develop new strategies!

You must own a copy of the Basic Set of Dungeon Twister in order to use Paladins & Dragons.

Box Contents:

1 rule book
8 square rooms
2 starting lines (one per player)
2 sets of tokens (one per player) including 8 characters and 6 objects each
2 sets of 8 cardboard figurines and 16 plastic bases
6 "broken wall" markers
4 "illusion" markers

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