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Battle Line
  by Reiner Knizia
  from GMT Games

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 strategy games
 two player games

Playing time: 30 minutes

Players: 2

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 2 lbs

Ancient battles were fought in organized formations. The leaders of both sides directed their forces along the battle line to gain tactical advantage in order to overwhelm their opponent in the center, breakthrough one of his flanks, or hold their position until the time came for a decisive move. How will you muster you battle line? Your objective is to create powerful formations on your side of the nine flags, in order to beat the formations on your opponent's side of the respective flags. The first player to win three adjacent flags (a breakthrough) or any five flags (an envelopment) achieves victory. Battle Line is based on Reiner Knizia's original design published in Germany as Schotten-Totten. Battle Line enhances and expands the game system to give the players more tactical options.

Box Contents:

60 full color troop cards
10 full color tactics cards
9 flags (plastic pieces)
One rulebook

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