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Fury of Dracula
  by Stephen Hand
  from Fantasy Flight Games

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 strategy games
 two player games

Playing time: 150 minutes

Players: 2-5

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 4 lbs

For nearly a year now, you and your companions have been stalking your prey from town to town across the continent, finding signs of his evil almost everywhere. You've faced a multitude of nightmarish things left in his wake: wolves, thieves, weird swarms of bats, plagues, and worse still! But Dracula has always eluded you... until now.

You can see his black carriage up ahead on the side of the road, but the sun is disappearing beneath the horizon. If you don't hurry, night will fall, and he may very well slip through your grasp once again...

Fury of Dracula is a new edition of the classic Games Workshop board game set in 1898, eight years after the events depicted in Bram Stoker's classic novel. One player takes on the role of Dracula, moving across the board in secret, while up to four other players play Hunters trying to bring his reign of evil to an end once and for all! Playable in 2 to 3 hours.

Box Contents:

1 Rule Book
1 Game Board
5 Plastic Miniatures
1 Dracula Sheet
1 Dracula Reference Map
4 Hunter Sheets
2 White Hunter Dice
1 Black Dracula Die
1 Red Train Die
75 Event Cards
70 Dracula Location Cards
40 Item Cards
5 Reference Cards
12 Hunter Tactics Cards
8 Dracula Tactics Cards
5 Agent Tactics Cards
5 Dracula Power Cards
45 Encounter Markers
15 Blood Tokens
4 Health Markers
4 Bite Tokens
3 Heavenly Host Markers
1 Consecrated Ground Marker
3 Continue Markers
2 Time Markers
1 Roadblock Marker
1 Dracula Vampire Marker
1 Hunter Resolve Marker
1 Day/Night Marker

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