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El Grande Decennial Edition
  by Richard UlrichWolfgang Kramer
  from Hans im GlükRio Grande Games

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• family games
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Playing time: 90 minutes

Players: 2-5

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 5 lbs

The game is based on Spain in the 15th Century. The aristocracy, especially the Grandes, the high aristocracy, controlled events in Spain. However, the average aristocracy, the Caballeros, also enjoyed extensive powers. All regions wanted to develop their own power and influence. To this end, the Castles (Castillos) played an important role. Each player is the Grande in one region. He is allied with 30 Caballeros. Each Grande attempts, to the benefit of Spain and for his own benefit, to extend his influence across the whole of Spain. To accomplish this, he must control the majority of Caballeros in as many regions as possible. The Grande who succeeds in this is on the path to success and winning the game.

This game is the king of all area control games; a must have for any serious gamer.

Box Contents:

Basic game contents:
1 game board
155 Caballeros
5 Grandes
1 king
1 round marker
65 power cards
45 action cards
9 region cards
5 secret disks
2 mobile score boards
1 Castillo
Sample game sheet
Game rules

Expansions contents:
1 Grand Inquisitor
4 black Caballeros
155 action/power cards
32 action cards
5 Caballero cards
1 King card
1 intrigue card
1 overview card
2 blank cards
4 new regions (France, America, Mediterranean, and Ship)
5 gold tokens
11 ware tokens
1 jail
2 limit tables
30 Caballros
1 Portugal score board
2 ship tokens
1 Queen
1 Jester
Game rules

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