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Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
  by Bruno CathalaLudovis Maublanc
  from Days of Wonder

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 family games
 strategy games

Playing time: 60 minutes

Players: 3-5

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 5 lbs

The pyramids are crumbling, the temples are in ruins and even the nose of the Great Sphinx looks like it might fall off any day now. Cleopatra is one unhappy queen! Now she has called on the members of the Society of Architects to build her a magnificent new palace in Alexandria- with a Pharaoh's ransom to the design that pleases her most.

A Game of Monumental Proportions!

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects is a fun and engaging family game unlike any you've played before. Inside this box you will find a three-dimensional palace that you race to build against your fellow players. Corrupt officials and building materials of dubious origin may help you stay ahead, but beware: the price of corruption is sure to be high!

Box Contents:

An entire 3D Palace, complete with 9 Column walls, 2 Door frames, 2 Obelisks, 6 Sphinxes, 1 Throne and 1 Pedestal & 10 Statues of Anubis
109 Talents from the Treasure of the Pharaoh
89 Amulets of Corruption
110 Resource and Character cards
1 Sculpted figure of Cleopatra
5 Pyramids of Corruption
5 Dice of the Great Priest
A Rules Booklet
1 Days of Wonder Online Access Number

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