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Pink Godzilla Dev Kit (2nd Edition)
  by Christopher Rama Rao
  from Pink Godzilla

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Playing time: 30 minutes

Players: 2-4

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 1 lb

Quality or quantity? Racing to build parody videogames such as 'Pinky Gear Solid' and 'Elder May Cry', you are a game developer competing for the components needed to create games in four genres: RPG, Fighting, Music and First Person Shooter games.

Each videogame has some basic components (title, character, gear) that are essential, but can also include optional components (extra characters, gear upgrades, easter eggs) that increase the videogame's market value. The videogame components (cards) also double as money for purchases and auctions, so you're constantly struggling to manage your hand and make trade-offs on what to acquire and what to give up in return.

The best videogames get victory point bonuses but the game ends immediately as soon as any developer releases four videogames to market. So you have to decide: do I wait to put in that snazzy Easter Egg and create the best videogame or do I beat the competition by releasing more games to the market?

Pink Godzilla Dev Kit is a light/medium weight card game for 2-4 players, with enough interesting decisions and tension to satisfy serious gamers but not overwhelm casual gamers.

The game parodies everything from retro Nintendo classics to the latest Japanese imports featuring a pantheon of offbeat characters like Pixel, the Elders, Jumpman, the Ninja Suppressors, the Good, Evil and Neutral Guardians and Pink Godzilla himself. The artwork for the cards is original, refreshing, and oozing with theme.

Win or lose, serious and casual gamers alike will enjoy being able to create parodies of their favorite videogames.

This new edition has higher quality cards than the first edition, some slight art improvements, and comes in a deluxe tuck box.

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Box Contents:

106 cards

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Image Gallery:

Card Back (1st ed)

The Pink Godzilla Card (1st ed)

Potion Card (1st ed)

Weapon Card (1st ed)

Title Card (1st ed)

The Elders (1st ed)

Back of Box (2nd ed)

Front of Box (1st ed)