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  by Alessandro SaragosaLeo Colovini
  from Mayfair GamesPhalanx Games

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Playing time: 45 minutes

Players: 2-4

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 4 lbs

The energetic emperor Justinian I ruled Byzantium from 527 to 565. His great ambition was to reunite the Roman Empire. He succeeded, but at great military and financial cost. Justinian gained further fame with beautiful buildings such as the Hagia Sophia, and his acclaimed Codex Justinianus was a milestone in the history of law.
In Justinian, you secretly influence the emperor's counselors, so that they will serve your cause when Justinian makes important decisions. Three times during the game important decisions are made, each accompanied by a dramatic shift in power. It is hard to predict when the Emperor will ask for advice, and which of the four matters of state will take precedence! Even worse: the Emperor will not bring forward all four matters, and no one can be certain which decision he will make on his own! Can you use your influence to gain an edge and profit from the whims of the ambitions and the unpredictable Justinian?
From the makers of Mesopotamia, Maharaja and Hey! That's My Fish!

Box Contents:

1 game board (representing Justinian's court)
1 combined scoring and game phase cards,
12 character tiles representing Justinian's counselors
48 character cards
4 sets of 22 influence tokens
8 scoring markers
1 game phase token
4 player screens
1 rules booklet

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