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  by Ralph Lehmkuhl
  from Gecko GamesRio Grande Games

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Playing time: 60 minutes

Players: 2-5

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 2 lbs

The Triassic age began 250 million years ago with the greatest global catastrophe ever. 95% of all species were eliminated and those remaining moved quickly to fill the voids on the habitable lands.

The remaining species seek to find places for themselves on the newly-forming islands that are forming as the pre-continent Pangea slowly breaks up into the smaller continents of the future. By reproduction and migration the species attempt to establish majorities on the new continents.

Each player will create the history of one specie, working to co-exist with the other species while trying to establish secure majorities on the new continents.

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Box Contents:

39 hexagonal landscape tiles
1 scoring track
80 wood figures
44 cards
1 rule bookelt

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