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Space Dealer
  by Tobias Stapelfeldt
  from EggertspieleJK&LM GamesRio Grande Games

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 family games

Playing time: 30 minutes

Players: 3-4

Ages 10 and up.

Approx. weight: 4 lbs

The players equip their planet, explore and use technologies, and produce goods. With their spaceships, they fly to the other players' planets in order to satisfy their demands by delivering required goods. While they are doing all these things, time is running as all players play simultaneously, and each player has only two sand timers to coordinate all actions. As soon as a sand timer, standing on a specific spot, has run out, the appropriate action takes effect.

This game is played in real time to a 30 minute soundtrack (or timer) with all players playing simultaneously. Players start at their own planet with a power generator and a mine. They race to generate goods and deliver them to each other (earning VP for both the player and the recipient) or to the neutral planets. They can also do research to improve their abilities, and bring new cards into play. Everything, from generating goods, to moving ships, to playing new cards, requires at least 1 flip of a timer. The catch is that each player only has 2 timers! At the start it seems like you have all the time in the world; very soon, though, it becomes a frantic race to make as many deliveries as possible!

A second copy can be added to expand the game up to 8 players.

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