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  by Arnaud UrbonLudovic Vialla
  from Editions du MatagotRio Grande Games

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Playing time: 90 minutes

Players: 2-5

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 5 lbs

My dear lords,

It is such a simple matter, that of assembling a few gears and springs in such a manner that one can measure time. Yet it is so difficult to anticipate exactly the future action of the mechanism, would it be for but a mere second. Today, I'm proud to announce, our guild has discovered the secret to travelling in time! Not only can we now see the future, but we can actually go there, change it, and come back to give you a report. My lords, your quest for power has just become temporal! Thanks to our fabulous invention, you are now masters of time. Your present adversaries are about to become your past victims...

Arlud, Master Clocksmith

In Khronos, each player incarnates a powerful lord and his faithful sidekick in a quest for dominance throughout time itself. You play simultaneously during three different epochs in a race to cover yourself with glory and wealth. Beware of your adversaries. They have numerous ways to counter your plans. What was true tomorrow might no longer make a difference yesterday. The game mechanisms in Khronos rewrite the laws of time itself.

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Box Contents:

1 game board presenting a single region during three different time periods
1 board presenting a round turn counter
10 adventurer pawns (in 5 colors)
125 control cubes (in 5 colors)
1 round counter pawn
60 treasure coins
155 building tiles
1 rule booklet

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