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Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
  from Black Industries

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Playing time: 90 minutes

Players: 2-6

Ages 9 and up.

Approx. weight: 4 lbs

Talisman is a game played in a mythical world of dragons and sorcery. As a warrior, priest, wizard, or one of eleven other characters each with their own special powers, players must embark on a quest to find the magic Talisman. This journey will be filled with danger: monsters, traps and evil magic are all waiting to defeat you. With skill and luck you will survive to find the greatest treasure of them all - the fabled Crown of Command. Only then will victory be yours!

Box Contents:

1 enormous 6-fold board depicting the magical kingdom
Full-color rulebook detailing game rules and additional rules for speedy play
14 full color Character Cards detailing special abilities, plus 14 matching playing pieces and bases to represent the Characters on the board
104 full color Adventure Cards detailing monsters, events, strangers and other items
24 full color Spell Cards detailing which spells may be cast
28 full color Purchase Cards detailing the items which may be bought
4 full color Talisman Cards
4 slimy Toad Cards
4 Alignment Change Cards
6-sided dice for movement and combat
Piles of plastic Strength, Craft and Life Counters and Gold Coins!

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