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Mü & More (Mu and More)
  by Doris MatthäusFrank Nestel
  from Doris & FrankRio Grande Games

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• card games
• family games

Playing time: 30 minutes

Players: 4-6

Ages 12 and up.

Approx. weight: 1 lb

This pacakge is a collection of five different games from Dorris & Frank:
a tactical trick-taking game for 4-6 players
The Last Panther: anti trick-taking game for 3-6 players.
Wimmüln: trick-taking game where each player estimates how many tricks he will take for 3-6 players.
Rummü: card laying game for 3-6 players.
Safarü: card catching game for 2-4 players.

The main game is a straightforward trick-taking game with a twist: there cards are in 5 suits ranging from 0-9, with duplicates of 1s and 7s. Players display cards to bid and can bid even after passing. When all bidders pass, the highest bidder (most cards displayed) is the head of the offensive partnership and the second-highest bidder (next most cards displayed, with ties broken by highest ranking card played) is the head of the defensive partnership. The second-high bidder chooses the undertrump, either a suit or a number. Then, the leader of the offense selects the overtrump. Then he selects a partner from the three players who were not the top two bidders. After cards are played and all tricks taken, the players score their tricks by counting the small triangles on them (0, 1, or 2). Small numbers have the most triangles; large numbers the fewest.

Click here for the rules to our three player Mü variant.

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Box Contents:

60 cards in 5 colors, each with 12 cards: each card with numbers 0-9 (2 each 1 & 7) and with values 0, 1, or 2 (triangles)
rule booklet for 5 games

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